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Clips from four short films:
-"Heads Up"
-"Last Laugh"
-"Your Wife's Pregnant"

Ryan Fenton-Strauss


Everything in It

by Ryan and Katie Fenton-Strauss


In the year 2040, Kolbo, Inc. has a monopoly over all entertainment, news, communication, literature and art. The Kolbo, which means 'everything in it', is the 'must have' ultimate digital device. A flexible gooseneck arm mounts on the viewer's shoulder, suspending a transparent screen in front of the face, which allows the viewer to consume media during every waking hour of the day. Eye contact during conversation is an inconvenience, and language has devolved into abbreviations and fragments. In this satirical world, the culture of consumption has nearly rendered human creativity extinct.

The protagonist, Howard Finch, is out of place in this manic, technology‐driven culture. Howard works in the lowly "Waste Management" department at Kolbo because he worships Kolbo's founder, Mr. Wunderman, but lacks the confidence and the ambition to aspire to a higher position. Howard is happiest when he is lost in an old movie at The Treasure Cinema, one of the few movie theaters that has not yet gone out of business. There finds a soul mate in a movie usher, Alice, who also seems to belong in an earlier time......(Continue Reading)

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The Marriage of Figowitz

by Ryan and Katie Fenton-Strauss


The Marriage of Figowitz is a quirky romantic comedy about living life fully, even when you’re just hanging on by a thread. Sam Figowitz’s wife, Ada, lies on her deathbed. She pulls Sam close and struggles to speak. “If you even think of finding another woman,” she tells him, “I’ll haunt you for all your remaining days.” And then she dies.

After the funeral, Sam’s family and friends gather to sit shivah. The gathering is more of a jubilant cocktail party than a solemn religious ritual, because the only one mourning is Sam. But instead of mourning Ada, Sam is mourning his own wasted life -- his miserable marriage which often seemed more like a prison sentence than a relationship. Sam’s best friend Max valiantly tries to get those gathered to say some kind words about Ada, which is no small feat, because Ada had a remarkable gift for driving people crazy. (Sam’s friend Rose recalls the time Ada insisted they all take a long walk in subzero weather just so she could get the last fifteen cents-worth out of her parking meter.)......(Continue Reading)

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Trailer for feature documentary
about a son's journey through
his father's life as an artist.

Ryan Fenton-Strauss



Excerpt from three short
documentaries. Produced by
USC Shoah Foundation for

Ryan Fenton-Strauss



About IWitness

Released as a supplemental
video for Schindler’s List
Blu-ray designed to promote
the USC Shoah Foundation's
web application IWitness.

Ryan Fenton-Strauss

One Voice at a Time

Public service announcement
for the USC Shoah Foundation,
aired on Comcast channels.

Gasper Patrico

Director of Photographer:
Ryan Fenton-Strauss

Ryan Fenton-Strauss

IWitness Youth Institute Pilot

Video bringing USC Shoah
Foundation educational
program to inner city learning
center in Philadelphia.

Ryan Fenton-Strauss

USC Digital Repository

Promotional video for the USC
Digital Repository.

Ryan Fenton-Strauss

Education Superhighway

Video to promote the
nonprofit organization

Ryan Fenton-Strauss

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Popularity Contest

30 second spot for Joe Biden's
2008 presidential campaign.

Ryan Fenton-Strauss

John Kerry

A 30 second piece created by
June Beallor Productions and
edited by Ryan Fenton-Strauss
for the 2004 Democratic
National Convention.

Flip Decision

30 second spot for Joe Biden's
2008 presidential campaign,
aired on Chris Mathew's

Ryan Fenton-Strauss

Ryan’s Profile

Ryan Fenton-Strauss has been working for the past 13 years at The USC Shoah Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Steven Spielberg to preserve the memory of the Holocaust. Ryan oversees the preservation of video testimonies given by genocide survivors. He also runs a video production group to promote the educational mission of the USC Shoah Foundation. He directs and edits numerous short documentary films, and educational and promotional videos. Several videos have been featured on Comcast Xfinity On Demand.

In addition, Ryan has produced and edited a number of political videos, which have played at the Democratic National Convention, and another that was recognized on Chris Mathews’ Hardball. He has written two feature scripts, one of which was a Fade In Screenwriting Award Semifinalist.

Ryan Fenton-Strauss earned a BA in Theater at Brandeis University and an MFA in Film Production at Chapman University. Post graduation, Ryan returned to Chapman to do adjunct teaching at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

He has just completed his first feature documentary film, Paint as You Like, about his father’s life an artist.


Ryan’s Filmography

work prior to the year 2000

work after the year 2000

Michael Fenton

216 Church Street

Saratoga Springs, New York 12866

(518) 584-8002

E-mail Michael@FentonArts.com         http:// www.FentonArts.com


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Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio



One Person Shows:

2010 House of Creative Soul, Saratoga Springs, NY
2006 Galerie D’ Art International, Solana Beach, CA
2002 Albany Center Galleries, Albany, NY
1991 Dome Gallery, (Soho) New York, NY
1986 Saratoga Springs Historical Society
Anne Grey Gallery, Saratoga Springs, NY
1985 Rensselaer Council of the Arts, TroyNY
1982 MississippiMuseum of Art, Jackson, Mississippi
1981 Viridian Gallery, New York, NY
1981 Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
1976 Hawthorn Gallery, SkidmoreCollege, Saratoga Springs, NY
1973 Michael Wyman Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1972 MassillonMuseum of Art, Massillon, Ohio
1972 CooperSchool of Art, Cleveland, Ohio
1971 CincinnatiArt Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio

Group Shows:

2014          Wit Gallery, Lenox. MA

2013          Wit Gallery. Lenox, MA

2013 Hutson Gallery, Provincetown, MA
2012 Hutson Gallery.  Provincetown, MA
Uncertain Narratives, a three person show curated by Gay Malin
2007 Galerie D’ Art International, Solana Beach, CA      (two shows)
2004 Saratoga County Arts Council- Arts Center Gallery
2000 Riester- Greenberg Gallery, New Preston, CT
2000 Viridian Gallery, New York, NY
1997 Copley Society, Boston, MA
1996 Creiger Dane Gallery, Boston, MA
1996 Adirondack Community College, Glens Falls NY
1995 Agora Gallery, (Soho) New York, NY
1988 The Gallery at Saratoga, Saratoga Springs, NY
1982 Viridian Gallery, New York, NY
1981 Viridian Gallery, New York, NY
1981 Blossom Music Center, Akron, Ohio
1981 Canton Art Institute, Canton, Ohio
1978 Dietal Gallery, Emma Willard School, Troy, NY
1975 Hawthorn Gallery, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY
1974 Cincinnati Museum Invitational, Cincinnati, Ohio
1974 Lantern Gallery, Ann Harbor, Michigan
1971 Kent State University Gallery, Kent, Ohio
1970 Cuyahoga Community College Invitational, Cleveland, Ohio
1969 Shirley Aly Campbell Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio
1968 Karamu House, Cleveland, Ohio
1968 Gallery Eight, Erie, Pennsylvania
1967 Cleveland Museum of Art, Year in Review, Cleveland Ohio

Competitive Shows and Prizes:

2010 2010 Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region, The Hyde Collection
Glens Falls, NY
1998 49th Art of the Northeast USA   SilvermineGuildArtsCenter, New Canaan, Connecticut
1996 47th Art of the Northeast USA   SilvermineGuildArtsCenter
New Canaan, Connecticut
-The Richard.Daggy Memorial Award -First Prize in Painting
1992 42nd Art of Northeast USA Competition and Exhibition
SilvermineGuildArtsCenter, New Canaan, Connecticut
1989 40th Art of Northeast USA Competition and Exhibition
SilvermineGuildArtsCenter, New Canaan, Connecticut
-The Koenig Painting Award – Third Place in Painting
1980 Hudson-Mohawk Regional Art Exhibition, SchenectadyMuseum, Schenectady, NY
1978 Philip Morris Inc., – Grand Prize $5,000
1977 40th Annual Exhibition of Artists of Central New York, Munson-Williams Proctor UticaNY
1975 Exhibition by Artists of the Hudson-Mohawk Region, Albany, NY
1975 38th Annual Exhibition of Artists of Central New York, Munson-Williams Proctor UticaNY
1970 Akron Art Institute, Akron, Ohio – Special Award
1970 Canton Art Institute, CantonOhio – Third Prize
1969 Detroit Art Institute, DetroitMichigan
1969 ClevelandMuseum of Art, May Show, ClevelandOhio
1969 Chautauqua Exhibition of American Art, Chautauqua, New York
1968 Detroit Art Institute, DetroitMichigan
1967 Canton Art Institute, CantonOhio
1967 ClevelandMuseum of Art, May Show, ClevelandOhio
-Purchase Prize
1967 Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio
1967 Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor Michigan
1966 ClevelandMuseum of Art, May Show, ClevelandOhio




– Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Ohio

– Canton Art Institute, Canton Ohio

– Phillips-Born Collection, – New Harris Investment Plaza, Chicago Illinois

– Financial Internet Network Corporate Collection, New York, NY

– Temple Sinai, Saratoga Springs, New York

– Karamu House, Cleveland Ohio

– Numerous Private Collections




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Michael’s Profile

Michael Fenton was born in New York City in 1942 and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. From the time Michael was a young boy,he loved drawing and painting. Michael’s wild imagination sometimes got him into a pickle; once, he fell into a pickle barrel and nearly drowned! Fortunately, he survived to receive his undergraduate degree from OhioStateUniversity and to study art in Michigan at Cranbrook Academy of Art. There he lived and breathed art, and developed a foundation in abstract expressionism which guides his life-long exploration of art. After Cranbrook, he embarked on his career of painting and teaching art. Michael has taught for thirty-five years both on the college level and high school level, at institutions such as The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Herron School of Art, and SkidmoreCollege. He is currently residing in Saratoga Springs, New York. In his retirement, Michael continues to spend much of his time in his studio working on the next painting.