Fenton Arts

Stories of a Painter and a Filmmaker

work after the year 2000 » The Universe Was Made For Me; I Am Nothing But Dust And Ashes

oil on birch panel 22.5” x 31” 2018

An 18th century Polish rabbi, Simcha Bumim wrote “ For my sake the world was created; I am nothing but dust and ashes” The artist contemplating the Rabbis remarks came to the conclusion that his words were extraordinarily profound. This dichotomy allows people to do great things and still be altruistic to his fellow human beings. Balance was the key which allows one to go through life with as few regrets as possible and still be a decent human being.
In his painting, Fenton has Napoleon crowning himself Emperor of France at the same time he sees Somalian Children dissolving into dust and ashes. Fenton portrays himself in double portraits as he depicts the juxtaposition of extremes.